Anyone who listens to I-95 straight through to 7 PM knows that when I go home I "mush" (smooch) on bunnies. I have owned house rabbits for more than a decade now and I can tell you they are a most wonderful pets to the right person and situation. On the plus side they are quiet and easy to box train plus their poop doesn't stink that is big for me.  On the down side for some they seldom like to be held or picked up, they don't play like kittens or puppies, so children can lose interest quickly, and they will chew wires and woodwork if your house isn't properly bunny proofed.

These little darlings also need to be spayed and neutered and occasionally need veterinary care. They also have certain dietary needs and time to run free and cuddle with their people.  No bunny was ever meant to be stuffed into a cage and left for days, that is cruel for these active and intelligent animals who will live on average 8 to 10 years.

My true advice as Easter approaches is don't by bunnies for Easter. However, if you think you have what it takes in space, lifestyle and habits for Rabbits perhaps the next step is to attend the Bangor Humane Society's Small Pets 101 course this Saturday.

To help educate the public about rabbits and other small pets, BHS is hosting a Small Pets 101 course from 10 a.m to noon on Saturday, March 17, at 693 Mount Hope Avenue. The free event will include demonstrations in handling and grooming, and presenters will cater to the interests of the people who attend.

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