Wanted: individuals and families with a little extra time and a lot of extra love to help animals in need.

Think you fit that bill? Well then the Bangor Humane Society is interested in meeting you!

According the Bangor Humane Society Facebook Page, the organization is looking for Foster Care Volunteers to add to it's roster of folks who can help animals they take in transition as they prepare to be released for adoption.

"Spring is quickly approaching, which is the start to our busy season and when we need the most Foster homes. Foster homes provide animals with attention and care until they are ready to hit the adoption floor!"

Their website, Bangorhumane.org, lists the responsibilities of a foster family as:

"To provide temporary in-home shelter and care to potentially adoptable animal(s) including those that are underage, injured or in need of socialization."

Basically, foster families would provide a clean, safe place for animals to live, would provide them with food, medical attention (when needed) and exercise, and would help animals socialize with other pets and people.

The folks a BHS will provide all the needed supplies you'll need. All they need from you is time, patience and love.

There's an application to fill out, an interview process to go through and if you have past experience as a pet owner is a definite bonus, but not a necessity.

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If you are interested in becoming a foster for a furry friend, click here to complete the application form.

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