We got wondering over the weekend, is there a situation where you will only buy the name brand of something and absolutely never the generic?

JStew: It's funny, I'm usually the guy that's barking in some corner about the fact that people blow their hard earned money on the name brand, when the generic is usually just as good. Sometimes though, it just isn't the case. For instance, I started getting the off-brand toothbrush heads for my electric toothbrush. Not a good idea. In the time it usually takes to go through one or two of the name brand ones, I went through a whole package of them from one of the big box stores. For that matter, same deal with the same box store's dental floss. Total garbage. And drumsticks..... oh boy. I never, ever, ever buy the cheap ones of those. I go through twice as many in half the time. No bueno....

Cori: I grew up eating generic food and wearing basic clothing--never hurt me. While my mom made sure to educate me on the difference between something that was put together well and to appreciate the difference that sometimes exists between generic and name brand, we were always taught to make due with what we had, regardless of the tag or label it sported. As an adult, the only time I ever really paid attention (and the extra money) to anything name-brand was with diapers. All of my babies seemed to get really bad diaper rash unless I put them in Huggies. So that was the only thing I'd say I've ever gone out of my way that wasn't generic.

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Folks were all over the map with their answers to this one, as one would expect. Let's take a peek and see what other people said....

Lisa Hastings Mac & Cheese, Ice cream
Furrøw Wøød Pet food always
Rose LeBlanc Murphy Cereal.
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Mac and cheese!
Paul Keezer Angel Soft.... Enough said......
Kristi Carney Hellman's Mayo
Melanie Cole Heinz Ketchup
Mary Klein Drouin Many things....pet food, Mayo has to be hellmann's, Milk has to be oakhurst, Coffee has to be Dunkin, Cereal, Dove soap, The list goes on.....
Bobbie Lindsey Always!
Kari Jo Davis I'm not a name brand snob, so I had to really think, turns out,Kraft mac and cheese wins.
Darren Coffee definitely has to be Dunkin
James Naaykens Jr Soups, Campbells Always


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