Pumpkinhead doesn't typically make headlines until late summer/early fall but Portland's Shipyard Brewing Company is rolling out a unique version of the iconic brew that just can't wait.

This is in partnership with Novel Beverage. According to Novel's website they "[P]rovide a fully licensed, end-to-end supply chain platform with customized service offerings to support branded production in the emerging, legal cannabis beverage market."

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Sun Journal reports that this batch of Pumpkinhead is infused with THC and is alcohol-free. The brew will still have the grainy and hoppy flavor like one would expect from a beer but with an experience similar to ingesting edibles but with a shorter high.

The drinker will feel the effects in 15 to 20 minutes and last for about 2 hours according to Sun Journal.

Shipyard isn't the only brewery hopping on the THC train. Sun Journal reports that Bangor's Sea Dog Brewing Co will be releasing a version of their Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale, Blue Paw, in the coming weeks as well. The THC/beer industry is only expected to grow in the coming years.

As someone who has personally never indulged in cannabis, I would be curious about the experience. In the Sun Journal article Matt Hawes of Novel Beverage says that due to the low THC content and quick high, it's a good option for people like me who are curious but don't want to smoke or enter into edible territory. He also recommends that newbies start slowly.

A 12 oz bottle will be $7 each with 5 mg of THC each and will be available for purchase at the following shops:

Brothers Cannabis, Bangor
SeaWeed Co., South Portland
Theory Wellness, South Portland
Maine Cannabis Exchange, South Portland
Northland Botanicals, Stratton
Sweet Dirt, Waterville

You better snag yours fast. This is a limited release and Shipyard Pumpkinhead with THC won't return until the traditional Pumpkinhead season in the fall.

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