I have to say, the best thing that's happened to me so far in 2021, is that my wife and I adopted a dog. Neko is a such a good boy, and I honestly can't imagine my life without him. And although we didn't adopt him from the Humane Society, it made it clear to me how much animal shelters need our help to keep doing what they do.

When we got our special guy, we literally had nothing. We didn't have a crate yet, we had no blankets or bedding of any kind, or a leash and collar either. The place we got him set us up with all that stuff to get started. Now, six months later, we are swimming in all sorts of bedding and blankets and beds for our little fella.

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Now, the Bangor Humane Society is hoping you can help them out, with these very same things. In an appeal on Facebook, they're asking people for these kinds of supplies for all their wonderful little doggies and kitties. They need sheets, towels, blankets, comforters, and any other large bedding you might have kicking around. However, please no pillows.

They've been going through all this stuff at a fast and furious pace for some time, and are just about out of everything. Now, this doesn't have to be brand new stuff. They will certainly welcome any new items, but maybe you have some of these things just taking up space in the old linen closet, and need to make them go away.

You can stop by their covered entrance anytime at 693 Mt. Hope Ave. in Bangor, and leave your donation with them. And while it will undoubtedly be a human that comes out to pick up your stuff, it's really the fluffy kitties and talkative doggos that will benefit from your generosity. Trust me... they'd thank you if they could!

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