My dog came with a name.

My wife and I just celebrated our Gotcha Day with our fur-baby last week. And I can say with authority that there's only two regrets I have about our fuzzy boy. First, we never got to see him as a puppy, and second... we didn't get to name him. Not that I have a problem with Neko, but I probably wouldn't have chosen it on my own. It's the Japanese word for cat, so someone obviously thought they were a big-time comedian.

Other than those things, Neko is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to us. If we ever decide to get another dog, it will likely also be a rescue, so I may never get to choose a proper name for a dog. But if I did, I may not look much further for inspiration than right where I live.

Would you consider naming your dog after something here in town?

I got thinking yesterday about all the different cool landmarks and places and people that have made the Bangor area famous, and I came up with a list of ideas. I might be willing to admit that my favorite is probably Wooficer Tim Cotton. Also, I know he's a dog guy. Our dogs met in the park once. Cool guy. Even cooler dog, hahaha.

If you're into the idea, but want a jump start on some of the work to come up with the ideas, I made it easy for you. You can just scroll through the list below and see if there's something that either fits the bill, or inspires you to come up with your own idea.

Let's check them all out now, and see what's what...

Totally Bangor Inspired Dog Names

I mean, it could be cats too, I suppose...

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