A few years ago Bangor probably wouldn't have been considered for this title, but in 2017 it's the place to be!

Instead of using hard data to determine the coolest towns, Matador Network used Travel Stoke. Travel Stoke is a site where travelers can share their adventures and stories from the road. While looking for places that seemed very original the Queen City made it into the running!

According to the list of the '24 Coolest Towns in the USA-2017,' Bangor is one of them! Because of its rapidly growing downtown, cultural events and arts of all kinds Bangor got its place on the list alongside towns including Athens, Ga., Ocean City, Md., Missoula, Mont., and Greenville, S.C.

Bangor is offered as an "offbeat" alternative to Portland with many options for craft beers mentioning making your own at the Central Street Farm House or Nocturnem. The theatrical arts are also mentioned as a draw to the city with the Penobscot Theatre featured.

We think they are pretty spot on! (But we may be partial to Bangor) This has to be the first article about Bangor being awesome that doesn't mention Stephen King as a reason. While we are proud to have Mr. King in the Queen City, we are glad to see it recognized as the cool place it is!

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