Dress codes are kinda weird.

When I was a youngster in junior high and high school, there was a pretty loose dress code in Hampden. Although there were definitely a few that raised eyebrows. For instance, I can understand why school kids didn't need to wear Marlboro and Budweiser shirts in school. But shorts?

When I was in 8th grade through graduation, the trend for boys' shorts was very long. Hawaiian shorts were all the rage, and at the time, they came well below the knee. To be fair, girls couldn't wear shorts either. But... they could wear a mini-skirt that barely even covered their backside. This never really added up in my mind.

Bangor schools have been no exception. Even recently.

A few years ago, Bangor schools were actively being challenged by some of the students at what they felt was an attack on their personal rights. At the time, Bangor pretty much stood its ground but recently has come around and revised some aspects of their dress code, according to WABI.

Now, students can wear shirts/tank tops that may show straps. This wasn't always the case. But they also added language that makes it much clearer that clothing that shows “insulting or discriminatory” content will not be allowed. Additionally, they clarified many of these rules and put them down in writing.

A lot of these rules were in place already, but the new written versions add context and clearly lay out the consequences for any students that choose not to follow the rules as they're laid out. Bangor schools say they're committed to letting the students express themselves their way, but also within the rules of conduct. But many consider this a solid win for both sides of the issue.

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