Today, I needed some holiday cheer.

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love Christmas time. The food, the time with family, and of course... the presents. But this year, the holiday spirit has been a little harder to come by. Between Covid stuff, politics, and just about everything in between, I haven't been feeling it as much as I'd like this year.

So as I was sitting around this morning, I started wondering what might help drag me out of my Christmas doldrums. Immediately, I remembered this was the first Christmas with my dog, and I got pretty giddy about the thought of spoiling him rotten this year. Then I remembered the perfect little pick-me-up...

Thinking about my dog made me think of.....kittens!

Now, if you've lived in Bangor/Maine pretty much your whole life, if I just say Christmas and kittens in the same sentence, you know exactly where I'm headed. Yup, the old Bangor Savings Bank commercial that had the kittens trashing the Christmas tree. For those of us who know it, it's an extremely comforting Christmas memory.

If you haven't seen it, it reminds me of my new favorite Hulu TV show called Puppies Crash Christmas. It's just what it sounds like. Puppies literally destroying an entire Christmas setup. It's amazing. Totally recommend 10/10.

Let's be real... it's been a crapper of a year, after a crapper of a year. And with Christmas right around the corner, why not enjoy a bit of holiday cheer. Besides, all you're doing is watching someone else's cats destroy stuff. Way better than watching your own, right? Anyway.... enjoy.

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