Allow me to post a token picture of my hambsome baby boy Neko....

The "Downtown Bangor" Facebook page put up a post yesterday that caught my eye. Mostly because it had the cutest doggo in the photo. Yes, I've turned into that dog owner. Where I will pretty much stop whatever I'm doing to look at a picture of a dog. Or I will stop to pet a dog whenever I can. Especially my own. He probably wishes I'd chill.

Apparently though, dog poop is becoming a bit of a problem downtown. I kinda have to agree. Nobody really likes to pick up after old Spot, but it's a part of dog ownership that is truly necessary. Poop is not only unsightly, but it's basically a small biohazard. For instance, if a dog had hookworm, it could easily be passed to another dog.

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But it's not just things like hookworm. Kids are also curious creatures. Especially the little ones who will put nearly anything in their mouth. Do you really want that as a possibility becasue you're too lazy to bend over? Sure, sometimes you forget a doggie bag because you left in a hurry, but that doesn't totally explain what's going on downtown.

When I walk around, I see plenty of poop, but I also see the worst offender of all. People who actually take the time to bag up the poop, but then just chuck the bag on the ground. Like.....what the?!?! You made it that far into the process and decided that was good enough? Shame on you....

At least turds will disintegrate over time. But now, in addition to your lack of follow through, you've proven you're an environmental jerk. Just be one or the other, but don't be both. Poop will break down in days to weeks. Plastic bags last forever. And who wants to look at a bunch of little flattened blue bags of poo?

It's not rocket science. It just involves you thinking of other people, and bending over to pick up some dog mess. At least Bangor has tons of public trash cans all over downtown. You can easily toss the droppings in the trash. You'll be doing everyone, including yourself a huge favor. And the world will silently thank you.

If you choose to leave it behind, kick it out of the way. Or don't walk your dog downtown. There's a great dog park up on Watchmaker Street. But if you can't pick up your mess, at least leave it in your own yard. No one else needs to be your personal butler. Or in this case, butt-ler. Hahaha.

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