J Stew: Cori and I talked about this earlier today on the morning show. Parts of the story are kinda grisly, and other parts are downright heartwarming.

I know before all is said and done, Gavin Mahar will have heard every joke in the book that could possibly be uttered, having to do with brakes and legs. And luckily, that's the one thing he didn't do. Although, since I had to add my two cents to the brake jokes, at least he didn't break his leg.

So Gavin and his brother Lucas were riding mountain bikes on Watchmaker Hill. some may know it as Essex Street Hill, but regardless, it's the big steep hill where kids sled in the winter that can be seen from the highway. Anyway, as you can imagine, biking on that hill would scare the dickens right outta me.

Sadly, Gavin took a spill on his bike, and managed to impale his leg with the brake on his bike. Like....stuck. In his leg. Yes, I also got a shiver. His quick thinking brother called 911 and all sorts of folks came to help out, according to a Facebook post from the Bangor PD.

Long story short, they had to cut the bike away from Gavin, leaving the brake in his leg, while the took him to the hospital. He was carried out of the woods by authorities on the scene. But for real.... I can't even imagine the kind of pain this little fella endured. However, despite all this craziness, things took an awesome turn...


That's right. Watching this little dude put on a brave face as EMT's transported him to get help (while parts of his bike were still stuck in his leg!) so impressed the Officers and Firefighters from Bangor. They decided to take up a collection to replace his wheels (and brakes!)  They got a sweet deal from the nice folks at Ski Rack Sports, and arranged to meet back up with Gavin (once he was feeling better) to present him with his new bike.

Meanwhile, unaware of the generous plan the First Responders were hatching to replace his ride, Gavin and his family were so grateful for all the help that had received, they were busy making up thank-you goody bags for all PD and FD folks involved in rescuing him. When Gavin stopped by Fire Station 6 to deliver his baskets, he got quite the surprise in return. And thankfully, someone thought to get pictures!

This is a great example of the kindness, respect and appreciation being shared in our community. We're glad that Gavin ended up okay. It's cool he now has a new bike. And its really great (but not surprising) that our Bangor Police and Fire folks went above and beyond like that. What could have been a really terrible memory, has been turned into a really great memory.

Photo Bangor Police Dept. via Facebook
Photo Bangor Police Dept. via Facebook