All good things come to end an end at some point.

These days, with all the road construction everywhere, I've had to get a little creative lately in choosing my route home from work. Some days I can make a straight shot home, other days I end up having to drive a few extra miles out of my way so that I can lock in the quickest route possible.

Recently, as I was driving down Main Street in Bangor, I drove by the Serendipitous II second-hand shop, on Main Street, across from McLaughlin's Seafood. My wife and I have stopped in a few times over the years, and have always enjoyed the homey, if not cramped, store. Whenever we've gone in, we're never looking for anything specific, but always leave with something.

A peek on their Facebook page confirmed what I saw.

On this day that I happened to be driving by, even though I was alone in the car, right out loud I went, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not Them!!!" I saw a sign out front that said they were having a going-out-of-business sale. Their Facebook page had a post saying they were closing it down after 11 years in business.

However, it doesn't say exactly when this closing will happen. It might be that they keep going for a while to try and move as much inventory as possible before they call it a day. But man... what a kick in the teeth for this area. I love thrift stores, and this has always been a favorite. Maybe not enough people felt the same way?

At any rate, Serendipitous II's days are numbered. so if you're a fan of the store, or have never even set foot in there before, now is the time to get in and check them out. Soon enough it'll be too late.

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