While we were out and about on our vacation last week we paid a visit to Bayview Takeout on Beals Island, just because we had read that the best lobster roll in both Maine and Massachusetts was served there.

The folks that voted on the USA Today 10 Best website were right!

After we made our way to Jonesport we crossed the bridge to beautiful Beals Island, and Bayview Takeout was almost immediately to our left.  Yeah there were the traditional out- of-staters there enjoying lunch on the picnic tables, but we also noticed that the people who work on the island were eating there too!

DJ Fred photo

The first thing you'll notice when you walk up to the take out window is how busy the folks are out back cooking and filling orders, and we also noticed the massive amount of different types of rolls that were stacked up above the kitchen counter.

We ordered up a couple of lobster rolls and a hamburger too!  Then we made our way to a picnic table.  Each table has a fabulous vantage point of the harbor filled with boats zooming in and out with crews hard at work.

DJ Fred photo

When we heard our name called  we were surprised to see the owner of the place bringing the food out to our table!  How very cool was that?  Frank said, "here you go, enjoy your lunch", and that we certainly did!

The bun with just the right amount of mayo on it was filled with a TON of lobster, and the meat from the huge claw was still intact and laying on top!  We couldn't get over how delicious it was.  The only reason we could come up with was the water must be a whole lot colder in the Jonesport area.

Bayview Takeout Facebook photo

It took awhile to eat the lobster roll, because it was so big! Ours also came with a massive amount of french fries that melted in our mouth. The hamburger was cooked just right and was delicious as well!

Dj Fred photo

We would highly recommend a trip downeast to Bayview Takeout at 42 Bayview Drive in Beals, it's certainly worth the drive to this most beautiful part of the state! They're open Monday through Saturdays 11AM-7PM, and they hope to stay open until sometime in October.