Since when did Carmel go all paranormal?

Wow, who knew that both Bigfoot and aliens had sought refuge and set up camp on the Main Road in Carmel? You did? Well, we didn't.

When spring finally arrived and cooped up people were finally able to grab a rake and a shovel and dig into Mother Earth to spruce up their property, one of the many destinations was the local nursery and landscape center. Now besides geraniums and hydrangea, concrete garden statues seem to be all the rage this year.

Don't believe us? Peruse through Facebook and see the garden photos that your friends are posting, or stop by a landscape shop and see what's leftover for you to choose from.

So when it made it through the grapevine that there was a place on Main Road in Carmel that had an immense amount of concrete garden statues, benches, bird baths  and flower holders for sale, it caught our ear and our curiosity.

A Sunday trip to Carmel it was, and when we arrived the sight of the grounds was almost eerie like as what seemed to be thousands of concrete figurines were spread across the grounds.


Yes, and there stood big foot and a bunch of aliens as well.

As we browsed through the trolls and dragons we met Richard Batchelder, who told us that at more than one point in his life he did every s**tty job under the sun, until his young daughter came down with a medical condition and a parent needed to stay home with her.

Years ago, the resourceful Batchelder quit his job and then started out with just two concrete molds to begin his business. Today he utilizes almost 40 of them.  Chances are that Batchelder Concrete Products may even supply garden and lawn ornaments to the local nursery and landscape business in your town, miles and miles away from Carmel.

It was a fun place to visit, and the wife and I carted off enough things to make the outside of our home look like it's set within some long lost fairy tale.  But we love it.

You may too.

Concrete lawn ornaments in Carmel, Maine

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