A Maine-based nature group on Facebook shared a picture of one spectacular arachnid that I wish to share with you, but, I can't share it here on this website.

Instead, I will introduce you to the photo's subject, who happens to be a handsome fellow, is identified as Maine's largest native spider, and may strike fear into the heart of anybody who fears creepy crawlies, particularly spiders.

Meet what may be the spider of your nightmares: the FISHING (FISHER) SPIDER!!!

Video still from Smithsonian Channel via YouTube
Video still from Smithsonian Channel via YouTube

Fishing Spiders, Your Waterside Friend or Foe

Having lived in Maine for nearly all of my life, never have I come across this particular inhabitant of the Pine Tree State, and, let's just say, I'm just fine keeping it that way. This here is a spider that chills poolside- or rather pond and lakeside. They are big spiders that actually live off of fish, thus the name.

They have been known to bite, which actually may feel like a sting, but have no venom so, you shouldn't be too worried. But, I get it if you are.  Look at its eight beady, little eyes. They are eight abysses of darkness a part of one shadowy entity that can't have good intentions. It just can't.

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Let's Talk Creep Factor

If the size of the spider doesn't give you the creeps (I mean it is big enough to capture and kill small fish), how about the fact that it can walk on water. Not only can it walk on water, but it can also swim underwater, too. Oh, lordy, what pandora's box have we opened right now?!

Let's make things worse

Here's a video to bring this horror story to life- a visualization to burn into the brain to save for when you are out to camp and getting ready to take a dip in the lake.


Can you imagine swimming in a lake and finding Maine's biggest spider right in front of your face in the water?

Just because you are away from land doesn't mean you are far from spiders. And that is my nightmare fuel for you this week, kids. Enjoy your Maine summer!

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