State Police are investigating the discovery of a body in the town of Thomaston.

The badly decomposed body, believed to be a man, was found in a wooded area behind Dunkin Donuts this morning by workman who was in the area, according to state police.

A team of detectives will assist the police department with the removal of the remains, which will be taken to the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Augusta for examination and identification.

Late Wednesday afternoon, detectives announced they have an promising lead on who the person is and now will await work by the medical examiner to establish a positive ID as well as a cause of death.

Police say it is likely the man’s body has been there for a number of months and he is not believed to be from Knox County.

State Police have not put the death in any category, other than it remains under investigation .

The body was located a short distance in the woods from the parking lot, near the Rockland city line. Police say they are are now reviewing missing persons reports to assist them in the identification process.

We'll update this story as more details are released. 

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