How can you look away from a couple of felines named after famous abstract artists?  You just can't.

Say hello to our bonded boys, Kandinsky and Warhol!

Kandinsky is white with patches of gray on his head and body, and he’s about 2 or so years old. He’s become the big brother/father figure to spicy orange tabby, Warhol, who is about a year old.

These boys are some of the semi-feral cats still with the SPCA of Hancock County that are left over from a colony that they rescued a few months ago, and the folks at the SPCA can’t believe that they haven't been adopted yet.

Admittedly, Warhol is clear he doesn’t trust humans, but he adores snuggling with Kandinsky and kneading him like a baby. Kandinsky, on the other hand, loves pets and snuggles.

We think that Kandinksky can help Warhol eventually warm up to people if a patient and loving family took them in and gave them time to bloom. They’re great with cats but it’s less clear how they would be with small children or dogs.

SPCA of Hancock County
SPCA of Hancock County

Still, if you’ve ever wanted two cats that adore each other, these are your boys!

Call to schedule an appointment to meet with both Kandinksky and Warhol!  Call (207) 667-8088, or email at

The SPCA of Hancock County is a no-kill facility, and currently has many cats and dogs available for adoption. It’s located at 141 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton. Donations are always accepted. They will take your returnable bottles as a donation, so please drop them off right there at the shelter.  They're open Wednesday through Sunday 11 AM –5 PM, Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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