Hats off to the Brewer community as they are responding to help fight food insecurity.

OHI Brewer Area Food Pantry got an idea from Brewer resident Benjamin Smith to hold a Food Fighter Challenge in an effort to get businesses involved in the collection of non-perishables.

He even donated the collection boxes to be used.

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And the contest is on. You may have seen the signs in different Brewer stores and businesses, collecting food for The Brewer Area Food Pantry.

Great way to build awareness for the need in the community

And not only will it help those who are struggling, but one of the businesses with win the coveted trophy

OHI Brewer Food Pantry Facebook
OHI Brewer Food Pantry Facebook

Some business will get to display the trophy starting at the end of April, by collecting the most pounds of food.

Then it’s another contest and at the end of next month, the Food Fighter Challenge trophy goes to a new winning business, or stays where it is, if that business again collects the most pounds of food in the month.

If you are a store or business and would like to participate, call OHI Brewer Area Food Pantry for information at 989-3200.

Interested businesses display the boxes and encourage doations, the Food Pantry does the rest, picking up the food and keeping track of donations for the contest.

You can participate month after month, or just for one month. Up to you.

And know first hand that working with OHI Brewer Area Food Pantry is a pleasure. They were part of the Townsquare Media Bangor Ton of Pasta last month, and were totally organized from beginning to end, and could not have been more pleasant to us and all donors at the Brewer Hannaford that day.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Hope you can help out, by donating or having a collection box at your business. The need is real. And OHI Brewer Area Food Pantry is making it fun to help fill the need.

And who knows, you may be the one to display the Food Fighter Challenge trophy at your place of business.

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