Taking down the Christmas tree in my house, is something we put off as long as possible without looking totally insane. There have been plenty of years where it came down in like, maybe the third week of January? But, we also have a fake tree, so it's really no big deal. But it still makes me a little sad to see it go for the year.

Speaking of Christmas trees, this week at I-95rocks.com, we've told you where you could take your old tree or who comes to pick it up, and we've also laid out some pretty logical arguments about why you shouldn't just toss the tree on the porch or leaning against the side of the house while you plan your next move.

I have friends that do all sorts of 'alternative' things with their trees too. I have a buddy that goes around to all his friends, and collects their old trees. Then, over the course of the summer, he stands them upright in his fire pit and blazes them up. It's extremely entertaining to watch, if not a bit nerve wracking. And yes, he's very safe about it.

How about you? Why not take it down to Mudpuppy Farm in Bucksport? They would love your spent tree. They are pretty much coniferous candy for the goats, and a welcome change-up in their day to day diet. They eat a lot of hay, and probably get pretty bored with nothing but dead grass brekfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Although, Daryl Twigg, owner of Mudpuppy Farm, told Fox ABC Maine that there are a couple things to keep in mind if you bring them a tree.

They must be tinsel and garland free. Make sure there are no ornament hooks, and don’t have any chemicals on them or anything flammable like that. We just want basic bare trees, so our goats can really enjoy them.

Obviously, keeping the goats safe is their main concern. But other than that, they welcome your tasty tree snack for their little bleating hopper/skippers. And, they're chock full of vitamins to keep the goats super healthy. It's not just tasty for them, it makes them stronger.

Feel free to contact them through their website to find out how/when you can donate your tree.

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