New music from Don McLean is due out this summer. Know the story behind one of key tracks.

The 'American Pie' singer and Camden resident has another hit on his hands. Last week, McLean released a tune called 'Waving Man' on Youtube. The song came to mind after years of driving by an assisted-living home in Camden. Every time he passed by he saw an elderly resident in a wheelchair waiving to everyone who passed by. Acording to the BDN the gentleman's name is Kermit Ingraham.

McLean admits he's never met the man. He said started to fantasize about what  Ingraham's life must have been like. An hour later, the song was finished.

'Waving Man' receives musical support from keyboardist Tony Migliore, drummer Jerry Kroon and guitarists Pat Seavers and Vip Vipperman.

You'll find the tune on Don McLean's next album 'Botanical Gardens,' due out this summer.