I saw a video of a deer farting years ago and I confess I chuckled. I certainly know that cats and dogs can break wind having known a few that would. And now whether it is for fun or pure curiosity scientists are putting together a graph of animals who fart.

According to what they told the Washington Post :

When asked the question of snakes PhD candidate Nick Caruso jumped in and declared that "#DoesItFart needs to be a thing."

Caruso's crowd-sourced Google spreadsheet of all things in the animal kingdom that fart is getting contributions from scientists far and wide.

So we know from the video that deer can cut the cheese with vigor. Here's is what other animals can and can't per these scientists

  • Snake can fart
  • Birds cannot fart
  • Multiple researchers have confirmed that bobcats and gray foxes fart
  • Badgers produce some of the worst scat in the animal kingdom --
  • Squids, octopuses (or, octopi, both are correct, according to Merriam Webster) and cuttlefish are classified as confirmed fart-ers, but only "if we count air coming out of the siphon as farting.
  • Atlantic herring fart to communicate. with each other much like siblings
  • Millipedes fart methane and hydrogen sulfide.
  • Unconfirmed-but-anecdotal-evidence-exists to suggest that salamanders and frogs might fart, but probably don't fart audibly.
  • Baboons fart, and females who are primed for mating season apparently produce the worst toots.
  • Chimpanzee farts are made worse by figs, cynometra seeds, and fiber.
  • Bats, "the bigger they are, the harder they fart."

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