They say there are two kinds of people in this world...

Those who leave their shopping cart wherever they want, and those who put them back. Personally, I enjoy putting my cart back in the old cart corral. I figure it's literally the tiniest civic duty I can perform for my fellow human. In fact, I usually go out of my way a bit to park near the cart corral to shorten my trip.

But not everyone is like that. You can see it every day. People will sometimes do half the job, and get it in the zip code of the corral, where others will just leave it in the middle of the lot, taking up spaces, or just let it roll wherever the wind takes it. Which somehow always seems to be into the side of my car...

Enter: The Cart Narcs.

I first saw this video on Reddit. It caught my eye because it said Portland, Maine but I could tell it was actually the Hannaford lot in Falmouth, having lived most of my adult life in southern Maine. The video made me laugh right out loud a couple of times, as the guy confronts people who haven't returned their cart.

Or he'll give stickers and a pat on the back to those that do return it. On this day in Maine, this guy pretty much only found the latter. Although, there was one older fella that looked like he was having a bit of trouble breathing, so he got a pass. And he was super polite about being asked. Check out the video:

That's the opposite of how it goes in a lot of their videos

If you go to their YouTube channel, there are several videos of people who don't take their advice so kindly. There can be a lot of gruff language in the videos too, so think about where you are before watching some of the others. But seriously, if you have a few minutes to kill at work, or at home on the couch, watch these.

And.....put your friggin' cart back, bub.

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