Wow, now that’s a snake! The picture was taken at Kennebunk Pond in Lyman as the unlikely photographer had set out a chair to catch some rays when a northern water snake decided to pass under her chair to a nearby rock to do the same.

Needless to say this creature’s presence was a tad off putting to some but I am happy to report that cooler heads prevailed and the snake was left unharmed.

Shared by the Kennebunk Pond Group via Facebook many a  person commented that although a big boy/girl this snake is quite harmless. As many experts will tell you Maine is not home to any venomous/poisonous snakes. That said it is no doubt wisdom to let it be and not corner it because an animal that feels threatened will most likely bite its aggressor, so don’t do that.

Typically northern water snakes average 2-3 feet in length from head-to-tail, although they can grow as large as 4.5 feet in length. So if you are planning a summer outing to the southern regions of Vacationland and you see this snake or any of its relatives just leave it alone and he/she will do the same. And just a small FYI leaning in to take a selfie would probably be viewed as aggression by the snake so snap it from a distance, will ya?

Here is a bit more about these amazing creatures.

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