We now have another reason to love cows. A company in Clinton is partnering with dairy farmers to turn cow pooh into natural gas.Very exciting news coming from AP about this idea for renewable energy here in Maine.

Turns out that manure is good for more things than just fertilizing your garden. The company, Summit Utilities, is investing $20 million to build an anaerobic digester in Clinton. Once processed the cow manure gives the byproduct of a usable natural gas. Once made it can be stored or be sold to heat homes and do other uses for natural gas.

The processed manure can also still be used as fertilizer. This is such a great use for what until now has been a resource that was just disposed  or had to be dealt with in other ways.

In the report Dan Burgess, director of the governor's energy office, said,

it's encouraging to see a new technology that both can reduce waste and heat homes.

Here is how the whole thing worked at Michigan State University.

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