My husband laughs at me but after decades of putting cardboard, newspapers and plastic into the blue bin putting, everything into the trashcan feels sacrilegious. 

As of September 2nd in Bangor it was bye-bye blue bins and hello everything together. This feels so strange to me and a little disconcerting. There are also some new rules like peelings and pooh are fine but pot dirt and garden vines are a no no.

From the City of Bangor page some of the new rules include:

Per the City ordinance for curbside trash/recycling collection (beginning September 2, 2019):

  • Five 32-Gallon Bag Limit (30 pounds per bag)
    This is a five 32-gallon bag equivalency. Smaller bags of dog poop, wastepaper basket bags, and small kitchen garbage bags should be consolidated into larger garbage bags or into your bins/cans. No need to sort trash and recycling - everything can go into the same bag. Bags can be placed in the bin/can of your choice; use your existing trash bins or recycling bins.
  • Cardboard: must be broken down
    Bulky cardboard can be broken down and neatly stacked/piled/bundled next to trash cans for pickup.
  • No Yard Waste
    Brush, branches, leaves, potting plants and soil, and other yard waste can be brought to the Public Works compound at 530 Maine Avenue, Monday - Sunday during daylight hours. Public Works also picks up brush and leaves during Fall Leaf Collection and Spring Cleanup. Details on those curbside pickup periods are posted here on our website each Fall and Spring.
  • No Demolition Debris or Bulky Waste
    All construction/demolition debris can be dropped off at the Pine Tree Landfill in Hampden. For more details on acceptable items, directions, and hours of operation, visit our Disposal of Bulky Waste & Demolition Debris page here.
  • No Tires
    Tires can be taken to VIP Tires & Service in Bangor; DM&J in Winterport; and BDS in Norridgewock. 

Household garbage collection is provided on a WEEKLY basis. The City contracts with a private firm for this service. It is available to all residential properties in the City with four or fewer residences.

Seems amazing to me and yet after seeing the construction of the new facility in Hampden to process our trash it will no doubt get more recyclable materials taken care of.  So I’ll suck it up but I’ll still be wincing for a while and for the record I am still rinsing out my cans. Baby steps:)

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