Strap on the bib and belly up to our latest poll results.

So this time we asked what restaurant that folks would like to see take the place of the now long-closed Denny's restaurant on High Street in Ellsworth.  After sitting dormant for a year now, Denny's has been put up for sale at an asking price of $2 million.

Yes, we know.  That is a lot of Grand Slams.  $2 million worth.

Chicken nugget, egg, and burger lovers were still reeling from the sudden closure of Burger King on High Street when the owners of America's so-called favorite diner just down the road closed up shop and began to let the weeds overtake the grounds right around the start of the nasty COVID-19 pandemic.

Now granted when someone new comes along and either purchases or leases the property that Denny's sits on it may or may not even be a restaurant.  It could turn out to be another bank or auto parts store, because God knows we just can't seem to have enough of those in Ellsworth.

But, let's just say that it will be a restaurant.  Let's just say.  At least that is what we said in our poll last week.

Here are the results of our poll after receiving almost 2000 responses from some obviously very hungry people.

By  slim margin, the majority want a Texas Roadhouse to move into the city.  Yup, crank up the country music and brush those peanut shells onto the floor, folks want a big ol' steak and a couple of those cinnamon butter rolls for dinner tonight.

The Texas Roadhouse was closely followed up by Olive Garden, and then Chik-fil-A.  Rounding out the top 5 was Panera Bread and Cracker Barrel.

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