That's exactly what a man in New Hampshire did yesterday.

The Kensington New Hampshire Police Department reported yesterday that a coyote had strangely attacked a car, as the driver tried to get it from out of the road.  Later, it was reported that a woman and her two dogs had got into it with a coyote within the homeowner's front porch.  The 62 year-old woman was bitten while chasing the coyote out of the porch.

Following that, a family walking on a trail in Exeter, a town close by, was attacked by a coyote.  According to the police department's Facebook post, "The coyote attacked a young child and the child’s dad went into protection mode and suffocated the coyote until it succumbed."

Is this something that you could do?  You may have your doubts, but probably so, if your family was being physically attacked.

Those bitten are now going through a series of rabies booster shots, but should otherwise be fine.

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