A new Nashville country artist blew the roof off this cover of "Faithfully."

Regardless of your taste in music, country or rock n' roll, this cover smashes. Sang by a newcomer to country music, Heath Sanders caught the attention of big wigs in the music industry with his YouTube channel of stellar covers. Recorded back in October of 2019, Sanders strips down Journey's 1983 hit "Faithfully" to a delicate acoustic performance. The song explodes into epicness after the 3 minute mark when Heath dives into the vocal solo with his powerful, raspy, wail.

Prior to signing a record deal, Sanders worked in the oil fields of Arkansas. His passion for music was simply a hobby, until his talent began to be recognized. According to Music Row, after his flawless cover of Chris Stapleton's song "Either Way" exploded online, Sanders started to shift his attention to music as profession. He sold a deer hunting rifle to buy a PA system to play gigs around area venues. Soon after he was asked by national radio host Bobby Bones to come sing on his show. After that, his life changed.

Now signed to Valory Music Co., a Big Machine Music Group record label, Heath has released his debut EP Common Ground. The four track project was released back in January 2021. Prior to the EP, Heath released three studio singles. He's proven to be an artist fans can't get enough music from.

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