A quick response time and some speedy action by several firefighters saved a local landmark Inn in Eastern Maine Wednesday.

Reports of a chimney fire at the 200-year-old Lucerne Inn started rolling in around 6 PM, causing a delay to the evening commute along Route 1A.

Thankfully emergency responders were able to get to the scene and get it put out before the fire spread to any other part of the historic Inn.

attachment-Chimney Fire, Luceren Inn Facebook Page

According to The Lucerne Inn Facebook Page, it could have definitely been worse.

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"We want to thank the Dedham and the other 4 local Fire Departments that responded so promptly... It was only a small fire in our chimney— due to the fast response there was no real damage caused(could have been bad). We greatly apologize to our guests that were inconvenienced by this...We will be open for business as usual — please stop by."


Nestled along the scenic backdrop of Phillips Lake, the Lucerne recently completed a construction project in 2022, that saw the addition of a wrap-around deck and a mobile food truck. The owners said the post-pandemic project aimed to provide folks with more outside eating options, in the aftermath of Covid 19.

Lucerne Inn Deck Progress, Facebook Lucerne Inn
Lucerne Inn Deck Progress, Facebook Lucerne Inn

Many voiced their relief that the Inn was spared major damage in the comment section of their post.

One person wrote "So glad everything is ok! I got married there, a very special place."

Another added "so glad that there was no damage. Thankful for the quick response."

And someone else chimed in with "Where my Mom and Dad had their wedding reception, August 1952."

Route 1A would just not be the same without that beautiful slice of history sitting upon it. It's no wonder so many are breathing a sigh of relief at the quick work of the local Fire Departments. Job well done.

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