Cotton candy Blizzard treats, anyone?  We thought so.

Ice cream lovers rejoice. The folks at the Dairy Queen in Brewer have set an opening date, and the take-out windows will find their way up this Friday, April 2nd. High school and college kids behind the windows will soon be taking orders for tasty delectable delights such as banana boats, frosted cones with sprinkles, milkshakes and or course the vast selection of their signature Blizzards.

Soon people driving up and down Wilson Street will take notice of those slurping on an ice cream cone in the outside dining area and cars waiting in line at the drive-thru.


This opening follows on the heels of many other ice cream stands planned openings as well.  The Dairy Port on Main Street in Bucksport will open for the season this Saturday, April 3rd.  Blueberry Hill in Ellsworth is already dishing out the ice cream, and so is Gifford's Ice Cream Stand on outer Broadway in Bangor.

So when will others follow suit?  Places like Jordan's Snack Bar in Ellsworth, Bagaduce Lunch in Penobscot, and Crosby's Take-Out in Bucksport will soon be open as well, and we can't wait.

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Unfortunately, this past weekend we heard of vandalism at a local Dairy Queen, when someone threw a concrete cinder block through the illuminated drive-thru menu board at the one in Ellsworth.  The owners there are now offering a $2000 reward for information that will lead to the culprit's arrest.

But putting that aside, the summer season is now days away, and there's no better celebration than eating your favorite ice cream.

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