Just when you think more things couldn't be sidelined by coronavirus, here we go.... The Darling's 'Ice Cream For A Cause' truck is going to be parked for the rest of the year. They typically send the truck out to be an added feature to a lot of cool events. I've seen them partner with Literacy Volunteers of Bangor, Bangor Humane Society, etc.

What was always so cool, besides the ice cream, was that it really added something special to events like this, where you knew a lot of kids would be. What kid doesn't want ice cream? And it was also a great promo boost for these various non-profit organizations.

But sometimes, they'd also just hit the road, and go to several different places in one day, helping kids beat the heat in areas where you'd never normally see an ice cream truck. Towns like Winterport or Old Town. But with COVID-19 requiring restrictions on the size of gatherings in public, they felt it was their responsibility to park it.

According to Facebook post the released that was on the WABI - TV5 page as well, they said since they can't remotely predict how many folks may show up at an event, they felt that they had no choice, and wanted to err on the side of caution. It'll be a real bummer for a lot of folks, but no one's a stranger to tough choices right now.

They've already begun shifting their focus to 2021, and hoping that we make a lot of headway with the virus by next summer, so they can get back on the road helping the community. Honestly, that's what we really need more of right now. People willing to help the community, even if it's the tough way like this.

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