America as a whole is a very giving country in general, but when it comes to donations of items or time in Maine residents are less likely to give charity than others.

Using data collected and their Charity Calculator, WalletHub has ranked the states by how much they give.

In the spirit of inspiring more Americans to increase their charitable giving this holiday season, WalletHub aimed the spotlight at the most generous of the 50 states. We analyzed a total of eight key metrics, among which are volunteer rate, the percentage of the population who donated time and money, and the median contribution to charity.- WalletHub

Maine was ranked 39th, 11th from the bottom of the list. The good news is Maine has the 5th highest number of charities per Capita, so we clearly want to do some giving! However, the bad news is we have the 4th lowest growth in charitable giving and 3rd for lowest % of income donated.

Source: WalletHub

They used these credentials to determine the results:

  • Volunteer Rates
  • % of Adjusted Gross Income Donated
  • % of the Population Who Claim to Have Donated Time
  • People Who Donated Money to Charity
  • Growth in Charitable Giving
  • Number of Public Charities per 10,000 Residents
  • Community Service Requirements for High School Graduation
  • Number of Volunteering Hours per Capita

Slide your mouse over the map below to see how the other states rank.

Source: WalletHub

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