How do you feel about dogs in public places in general?

Let me start by saying, my dog means more to me than just about anything on the face of the planet. I like my dog better than most people, and any other cliche you can think of when it comes to how strongly I feel about my pooch. On the other hand, I'm pretty conscious of where I take him, and who I think he can get along with.

For instance, I don't take my boy to the dog park. He doesn't love other dogs, and I find that dog parks are a lot like people parks. It's a bunch of adults standing around, not really paying attention, letting their dogs run amok all over the park. While that's cool for some people and their dogs, I wouldn't be able to let my guard down for a second.

Now what about places where there's food and/or alcohol?

Last year I was at a rehearsal dinner for a wedding, and it was at a brewery in southern Maine. This particular place not only encouraged folks to bring their pooches, but also encouraged them to let the dogs run about off-leash. It was nice to pet some of the pooches, but all I could think about was how my dog couldn't do that.

But like the dog park, there was also that group of people that were paying zero attention to their dogs. Those ones were stealing people's food, I saw one drunk person trying to give beer to a dog... And I found all this to be horrible.

So today on Reddit, someone posed the idea of not bringing dogs into bars. It gathered a few hundred responses, so it obviously hit a nerve. With some folks all for it, and others who think it should be illegal. But one thing was clear, both sides were extremely passionate about how they felt on the matter.

Read it for yourself. Maybe even offer your opinion, but I never would've guessed that so many people had such intense feeling about dogs in bars. Go figure...


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