Don't blink or else you'll miss it!

The roadrunner that mistakenly hitched a 4-day ride to Maine within a moving van a few weeks ago has finally made his way back to Las Vegas.  After a check-up and a little bit of rehab, the speedy little guy with a very long tail feather was just a blur when released from his carrier to the wilds of Las Vegas Valley in southern Nevada.

Apparently, he's not looking back.

After traveling over 2,800 miles to Maine couped up in the back of a truck, the feisty and light as a feather little bird that can kill a rattlesnake was eventually turned around the other way and flown back home via Delta Airlines last week.

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Here's the big moment when our wispy feathered friend was released from a pet carrier. You may have to watch the video a few times to actually see the little bugger.

Told ya. He's very quick.

So of course everyone knows the very funny and sometimes brutal relationship between the roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote from the Looney Tunes cartoon series, in which hordes of different devices purchased from the Acme Co. are used to catch the bird. Seems like Wile E. was always on the losing end of the bomb's fuse.

But, can a roadrunner actually outrun a coyote?  Apparently, the answer is no.

A roadrunner averages 20 mph, while a coyote can churn up to 43 mph.  Seems that old Wile E. Coyote was just keeping the Acme Co. in business and should have just strapped on the sneakers instead.

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