You might think I'm joking...

I really do love a good play on words. So there's yours for the day, hahaha.

Carving pumpkins is something I've either done at school or at home, most of my life. Since I've gotten older, I haven't done it quite as much. But it's still a favorite fall pastime in our household. And I think over the years, I've done it all. I've carved up my fair share, for sure.

And even through every trend. For a while, all the rage was painting the pumpkins. That way they didn't rot and you could have them for weeks. In theory, it also made them heavier to smash. So some folks posited the idea that they would be broken less. I think I just saw a bunch of painted, smashed pumpkins.

The latest trend is a bit more of an industrial approach.

The current idea that's springing up on the internet is implementing the use of a power drill to create all manner of designs in your pumpkin. It's been popping up on Reddit quite a bit, so I looked up this video on YouTube. They've got the right idea... which is that a project like this is all about the prep work.

You'll still want all the standard tools, but the drill will not only help make parts of the old way easier, you can then take drill and use different sized bits to make all sorts of designs. And of course, the upside is that you'll get a chance to use that drill you bought, that you swore you'd use all the time, that is now just named "the pumpkin drill".

Once it's dark, and the pumpkin is all lit up, it looks pretty rad. Obviously, I suggest this for adults with beverages, and kids that are somewhere else. You don't need to add children and power tools into the same equation. But, you do have a chance to come up with some pretty wild pumpkins for Halloween this year. Have fun!

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