We find it interesting that someone would actually stiff a local restaurant like this.

One of the busiest eateries in Ellsworth is Pat's Pizza.  It's certainly not uncommon to find the place mobbed any weekend, or weeknight for that matter.

If you've enjoyed a pizza or a dish of spaghetti and meatballs at Pat's, chances are you've taken notice of the back room located off the bar area.  You may have even been part of a group of folks that  have celebrated a birthday or a big win in that room.  Usually, you'll find a somewhat jovial group of people familiar with each other gathered in it, opening presents, drinking beer and eating pizza.

Now, according to a Facebook post from this past weekend, there's a $30 charge to rent/hold this large room that is to be paid following it's use.

That policy has changed, and we can't blame management for doing so.  After taking another reservation for a large group to use the room, and then having no one show up, the $30 will be now be charged "up front", and we can't blame them.

As the Facebook post explains, when a reservation for 35-40 people is taken, a lot of resources, including employed personnel, depend on those folks to show up.  When they don't, time is wasted, seats are not filled, and of course $ is lost.

Any owner of a local restaurant will tell you that they absolutely, positively, cannot lose money, especially in bulk.  The lack of common courtesy just instills a little more of a sting to it as well.

In a situation like this, people should have the decency to inform others when plans are changed.  Follow the golden rule, and do unto others, as you would have them you do unto you.

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