Thing were looking up over the summer.

A while back, I remember seeing that Eastern Maine Emergency Vet Clinic posting to their Facebook that they were elated to share that they were now once again fully staffed, and that they could go back to being open 7 days a week. I imagine there was much rejoicing all across the area, knowing we could get care for our pets 24/7.

Like most things in life, it always seems like emergencies happen in the middle of the night. And nighttime is when a lot of bad things happen to pets. Porcupines may stick it right to old Spot, and it always happens at bed time. Having the emergency vet open for things just like that is why they're so crucial to our area. And we all panic a little inside when we hear they can't be open all the time.

Sadly, the staffing shortages are back.

According to a Facebook post at the end of last week, the clinic announced that things were no longer working in their favor, and that they're forced to go back to closing on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, starting on October 25th. As always, they're super committed over there to overcoming these issues to try and be open all the time, but times are certainly tough for everyone.

There's no immediate indication of how long things may have to be this way, but rest assured, you know the folks over there would rather be open than closed. They're passionate about caring for all our animal babies. Let's all cross our fingers and hope for them to be open again as soon as possible.

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