It's a terrible feeling when your best furry friend runs off their leash, doesn't come when called, or sneaks out the second your guard is down and the door is open. As days go by, your heart sinks, thinking they'll never return.

This happened to one cat-dad. He was heartbroken after his best furry buddy, Cutie Pie disappeared. A night turned into a few days and then a week. He hoped adopting another furry friend would help fill the void left by the disappearance of Cutie Pie.

Little did he know as he was wandering Bangor Humane Society looking for his new buddy, he'd come across his Cutie Pie.

With a phone full of pictures of his beloved cat BHS was happy to reunite the pair fully believing fate had brought them back together.

If your pet goes missing always check with area shelters. The reality is, many that get brought in as a stray and clearly came from a home, end up having to be adopted out because the owners never come looking.

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