The season premiere of the survivalist TV show Alone airs tonight and once again the Pine Tree State is well represented!

If you remember, last season's winner was Zachery Fowler of Appleton, who braved the elements alone on the southern tip of Argentina longer than anyone else.  Mr. Fowler won $500,000 while losing 73 pounds to do so.

This year's show is a little different, where seven pairs of contestants will be separated and then dropped into the wilderness somewhere within Northern Vancouver Island.  Initially, they must then find each other, and then try to outlast the other teams to win the grand prize.

Brothers Shannon and Jesse Bosdell are one team, and they both were raised on Central Maine.  Older Shannon (44) is now a commercial fisherman living in Alaska. Jesse (31), now a retired Green Beret,  lives in Skowhegan, and is working towards a biomedical engineering degree.

Father and son Alex and Logan Ribar are the other team from Maine.  Alex (48) lives in Montville, and served as a Marine in the Gulf War. He now works for a marine construction company and is also a licensed oil burner technician.  He is currently taking courses to become a registered Maine Guide.  Son Logan (19) lives in Liberty where he is a heavy equipment operator.

The contestants will be left with the contents of their backpacks and just ten tools split between them. A compass will be provided to the family member in search of the other.

Usually, things get pretty brutal, with the hunt for food, wild animals and the weather all factoring in to one's longevity.

Season 4 of Alone premieres tonight, June 15th, at 10PM on the History Channel. History is channel 107 on Spectrum in the Bangor area, and channel 269 on DirecTV.

We wish the two teams from Maine the best and hope that once again the Grand Prize of $500,000 is brought home.




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