It's not even winter yet, and it's been feeling pretty chilly.

Especially at night. We had that nice warm stretch, but that was really an anomaly. Otherwise, it's slowly been getting colder and colder at night. Obviously, it's fall, it's bound to happen. And most of us don't even think twice about reaching into the closet and pulling out a nice, warm coat and getting on with our day.

Sadly, not everyone has that luxury. And I'm not talking about your average teenager that just leaves the house every day without one. But folks who honestly may only have a hoodie to their names, and you see them in the winter with extra shirts on under it, and that's about it.

Some of us lucky ones have multiple warm coats hanging in the closet.

I know I do. And frankly, some of those don't fit anymore, and they should go away. Sure, you can always chuck it, or donate it to Goodwill. Or, you could take it to any Gold Star Cleaners location right now for their Coat Drive. They're collecting as many warm coats as they can for folks who need them, according to WABI.

Gold Star's District Manager John Saviano, said this to Channel 5:

We are seeing more and more homeless people out on the streets. More and more people being without that warm coat for the season that they need. Because they’re putting their money and resources to other locations. They need to spend it on medication, and they’re not spending it on stuff that would be a necessity for them.

There are donation boxes at 6 locations in the Bangor area, and after they've been cleaned up, they will be donated to Penquis's much larger coat donation program. Last year, Gold Star broke their own personal record with 502 coats donated. There's likely a location near you. Now, go empty your closet!

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