Freeport, Maine has so much to offer year-round. Currently, Freeport is sparkling with endless Christmas lights and feels absolutely magical. Don't get too distracted by the holiday cheer, one local eatery is said to be haunted.

Jameson Tavern, located in Freeport, offers great food, drinks, and spirits! No, I didn't just repeat myself. Spirits as in GHOSTS!

The building is older than the town of Freeport itself. The building was erected in 1779 and Freeport wasn't incorporated until 1789. Legend has it that the papers separating Maine from Massachusettes were signed in that very building in 1820.

One of the ghosts said to be residing in the restaurant is a child, Emily. Emily lived in the building in the 19th century and died there in a fire. Employees and patrons alike have reported seeing the back of her dress as she scurries around corners. There was even a report of a child in the restaurant with her family playing under the table while the adults enjoyed their meal. When it was time to go, however, the girl said, "Give me back my ball, Emily."

The girl's family had no knowledge of Emily.

Fear Night

Another supernatural experience occurred when a glass jar of toothpicks flew off the counter and hit a customer. And that's not the only time things have moved on their own. Once a loud clanging noise caught the attention of one of the employees and when she went to investigate, she saw that all the pans that had been hanging on the wall had fallen, the hooks they hung on still in-tact.

So the next time you're looking for some grub after burning calories while shopping at L.L. Bean or any one of the other wonderful shops in Freeport, especially this time of year, consider the Jameson Tavern and keep your eyes peeled for some paranormal guests to join you.

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