As part of the town's big celebration commemorating it's first town meeting 150 years ago, committee members are asking residents there to show their sardine pride.  Wait, sardine pride?

Years and years ago, big schooners would sail in and out of Lamoine, transporting herring fish that would be salted, cured and then canned as sardines.  As a matter of fact, you can visit Lamoine State Park and see where these sailing ships used to dock.

So the Lamoine 150 committee wants you to exhibit a homemade sardine of some sort within the town, made out whatever, and then hung in a window or from from a tree, or displayed some other creative way to show pride in Lamoine and it's history.

Members of Lamoine 150 are asking that you send a photo of your fishy display to  Organizers are hoping for many sardines to be displayed all over town, and that they can make a video for all to enjoy around May 15th or so.

Information about the Great Lamoine 150 Sardine Catch can be found HERE.

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