CORI: We live in Maine, so chances are, at one point or another you've crossed paths with a crazy critter. Maybe it was a punk chipmunk that chewed a hole in your garage door and set up camp in Christmas decorations. Or maybe it was grimacing groundhog who gutted the garden you just put in. It's a safe bet that you either have your own, or have heard of someone else's tale or two of the trouble these wild tricksters have caused.

J Stew and I were chatting off the air the other day, swapping our own stories, and figured we weren't alone in our rodent tales of woe, which is where the idea came to open it up online and on-air! We started the morning off with a call from Alan from Hampden who's been having quite a problem with some flying squirrels IN HIS HOUSE!

Then J Stew told the story of his Mom fighting a bat off upta camp! He tells it best, so I'll let him explain...

J STEW: Actually, there were a couple. This morning I told about the time she pinned a bat onto the floor in the middle of the night, and dispatched of it most efficiently, but I forgot about the way we got them out of camp one summer too.

They were living in the walls in one spot, and we couldn't figure out how to get them out. Then we thought maybe we could try some spray air freshener. We had this one can of Peach Blossom, and it was horrendous smelling. It smelled like what I always assumed the bathroom at a funeral home would smell like.

So several times a day, we would pummel that area with air freshener, and whaddya know? They moved out and found some place else to live. Every time we'd spray, they'd always leave. So we just kept at it til  they didn't come back. So there's your life hack for the day.

CORI: Then I shared a story about the bats that used to live in the first house I ever lived in, and how they'd swoop down at night and bug us to the point that my mom would carry extra towels in our van to use to cover our heads in case we arrived home from a trip after sundown!

That bat story led Midge to call with her own hilarious story of a bat that got loose in her bedroom!

J STEW: Cori also had a sad story with a happy ending from her day's of babysitting for the Holden Police Chief's wife, where a family of mice was born on a glue trap. Short story: most of them made it. A moment of silence for those that didn't, please... That led Nicole from Ellsworth to call in with a spectacular skunk story...


It was a fun morning, all the way around. Thanks for sharing your crazy critter tales!!

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