Seek relief at the pond or in the cool waters of the ocean as we could see a high temperature of 90 degrees in Bangor real soon.

Stifling summer heat and humidity will settle in this weekend and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon with the high temps continuing until sometime later next week.

The National Weather Service tells us that Saturday will be a mostly sunny day with the threat of a few passing afternoon showers and thunderstorms, and a high temperature of 86.  The heat index values will take us as high as 89 degrees creating hazy skies in the area.  Although as of this writing, the air quality index concerning ozone and particle pollution for the Bangor area is rated as being "good."

Sunday looks to be partly sunny with a high of 87.

The heat refuses to relinquish Monday with a high of 90, and then 86 degrees on Tuesday.

So crank up the air conditioner or pull on the bathing suit and jump into the neighbor's pool, and remember if you like the heat or not, either way it's still not February.

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