Overall, we're pretty safe here in Maine when it comes to things with big teeth that may crawl through the woods or swim in our waters. But, you just can't be too safe now, can you?

We've investigated and racked our collective brains to come up with a list of living and breathing things that may indeed bite your tender bottom if you're not careful.  Things with four legs, two wings, or a set of fins that when crossed may bear their favorite weapon of choice to defend themselves or satisfy their urge.

Then there are things that reside here that are just plain hungry. Blood-sucking insects that crawl and fly, covertly hitching a ride and hounding you until you either surrender to their will or seek refuge behind a screen door.

So we put together a list of 17 things that may or may not change your way of life if encountered, if only for a moment, day, week, or even a month. Study up Mainers, so that you'll know what we're up against here.

Here Are 17 Things In Maine That Will Bite You

Here in Maine, there are plenty of critters that can take a bite out of you if they do desire.

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Here Are 17 Things In Maine That Will Bite You

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