How many times have you driven Myrick Street or walked through the Maine Coast Mall and thought about stores that you'd love to see set up shop there?  If you're like us, many times.

"What store would you like to see open in Ellsworth?"  That was recently asked by Downtown Ellsworth, Maine on Facebook, and here's what the most popular answers seem to be.

  • 1

    Trader Joe's

    There seemed to be little doubt that Trader Joe's was mentioned the most, along with Whole Foods, its main competitor. It would be amazing if at least one of these two popular food stores moved into the city.

  • 2

    A Steakhouse Restaurant

    Texas Roundhouse, Longhorn Steakhouse, and the word "steakhouse"  itself were mentioned numerous times.  People want a chain restaurant where they can eat a great piece of meat!

  • 3


    We got the feeling that respondents would like to see Walmart have a little competition in Ellsworth.  Target was mentioned a lot!  Stores like Kohls and Old Navy were brought up a bunch as well.  Regular everyday Maine people want a place to buy a shirt.

  • 4

    Craft Stores

    Downeasters love to make things, and mentioned places like Hobby Lobby an other craft stores.  Does The Christmas Tree Shop fall into this category?  Maybe, because commentators brought that business up a lot too.

  • 5

    Planet Fitness/Gold's Gym

    Drive by the Downeast Family YMCA any weekday afternoon or Saturday morning, and the parking lot is darn near full.  After reviewing the results of this poll question, it's obvious that fitness types would like to see a few more gyms in the city.

  • 6

    Movie Theater

    The Maine Coast Mall movie theater has been closed for a few years now, and apparently movie lovers would like to see a new flick a little closer to home than Bangor.

  • 7

    J.J. Newberry's

    This very popular store from back when had it all, even a soda fountain old time lunch counter. It once stood on Main Street in Ellsworth across the street from The Grand, and is still loved by many who remember it fondly. It was mentioned a lot!  We'd like to say that maybe someday a smart and well off business person or a company will produce something like J.J. Newberry's again and carry an inventory of items that were mentioned often in this poll. But probably not.

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