If you're a fan of the Maine coast, and we know that you are, then you may want what will be the new Maine Lighthouse license plate on your vehicle!

The Maine Lighthouse Trust has come up with the new design, and is asking anyone that is interested in this license plate to pre-order it to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

"The Maine Lighthouse Trust is required to have 2,000 Maine residents with active vehicle registrations pre-order the new license plate prior to the Secretary of State drafting legislation and presenting it to the Legislature for final approval.  The cost of the lighthouse specialty license plate is $25.00.  The Maine Lighthouse Trust will receive $10 from the initial purchase and $10 per annual renewal", according to a press release today.

We want one!  If you do too, then order one at www.MaineLighthouseTrust.org

Funds from the sale of the plates will be distributed to various lighthouse organizations here in Maine, for both education and preservation.

Maine Lighthouse Trust founder Sean P. Murphy said in today's release,  “The time has come for Maine’s most iconic image to be represented on our resident’s license plates.  When people hear this idea they can’t believe we don’t already have a lighthouse plate. Residents will be proud to display the new plates knowing they will be championing the mission to save and preserve Maine’s rich nautical heritage.”


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