Don't look now, but autumn is on the way.

There is little doubt that it's getting cooler here in Maine, and as it does the leaves are beginning to change, whether you like it or not.

Soon we'll be getting out of the house on the weekends and on our days off, taking road tips to admire what Mother Nature has once again prepared for us.  Fall in Maine, and as the leaves change over from green to orange and red, the sights really are impressive.

The change will start out in Aroostook county and then make its way south to places like Millinocket, Dover-Foxcroft, Greenville and then Bangor, before finally reaching the coastal areas of the state.

Each year the state provides weekly "Foliage Reports" which shows the current conditions of the leaves in all areas of Maine.  With a quick look at the map one can see how the color change progresses from "Low" to "Peak", and then sadly to "Past Peak."

The Maine Foliage site suggests places to visit throughout the state, shows galleries filled with photos of years past, has cool wallpapers to download, and a section where you can even upload your autumn photos for all others to see and admire.

The weekly foliage report is generated by the staffs of both the Maine Forest Service and Maine State Parks, folks out there in the field documenting what they are seeing.  The report is then assembled and distributed by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, and can be sent weekly to you via email.  SIGN UP HERE.

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