Tonight's estimated Mega Millions jackpot is now up to $970 million. A $2 ticket could set up your family for many generations down the road, providing that you actually make the effort to buy one.

This week, someone in the very small coal mining town of Lonaconing, Maryland, won the $731 million Powerball jackpot.  No one in the town's 300 person population has made themselves known at this point, and probably never will, as Maryland is one of the states where lottery winners may remain anonymous.  Meanwhile, someone in Maine won $1 million in the same drawing, and that winner hasn't step forward either.

So if you did buy a ticket to tonight's $970 million Mega Millions drawing, and you won, what would you do with the cash?  That's what we asked at I95Rocks on Facebook yesterday.

Most people responded that they'd find a good tax attorney and accountant and then disappear into a life of retirement and luxury, which seems the logical thing to do.  Others of course would pay off their bills, their family's bills, and set their children up with college.

But there were some other very unique responses as well, like the one from Megan, who said, "Find a new planet to inhabit."  Hey, after the past few years who could blame her?

Ann who lives in Steuben echoed a sentiment felt by many if they were to win the lottery when she commented, "Fill my tank with gas, drive to my place of employment and sing ?? Take this job and shove it, I ain’t working here no more!"

Brian who works at Shaw's would buy that red Lamborghini that he had been lusting for, and after paying off her mortgage and taking care of her family, Wendy would buy shoes.

Dana from Lubec said that he would "wipe my ass with hundreds."  Although we noticed that he didn't say he would use two-ply.

Barbara who is a realtor in the area and also works at Northern Light said that she would do something that we Mainers have all fantasized about, "Buy a home somewhere warm and by the ocean where I could be outside year-round."  But as a reminder that lottery winners must be very careful with their newfound wealth, Jason replied, "I got some ocean front property in Arizona."

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