One of the most beautiful sounds on the planet is that of a loon, but what do they all mean?

Listen as this loon found yesterday wandering on the side of Interstate 95 in Etna is released by Game Wardens into Etna Pond.  Mr. Loon may be a little irritated, but still sounds quite appreciative that it was shown the water.

Actually, there are really four distinctive sounds that a loon will make, according to The Loon Preservation Committee.  The  sound that our wayward loon made yesterday when released is call the "Wail", a sound that is made when one is in search of it's mate, or when answering the call of another loon.

Here's other loon sounds that you may hear while out to camp!

Tremolo:  Used when a loon is defending it's territory and to signal alarm of some sort.

Yodel:  Used by male loons when defending it's territory.

Hoot:  This is used by loons when they are trying to locate each other.

To hear all four actual sounds themselves, check out The Loon Preservation Committee's website!

Let's hope that this loon found wandering the side of a very busy road yesterday eventually meets up with whomever it's in search of and leads a very happy life!






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